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About Shefa

Founded in 1975, Shefa is the umbrella organization for all of Rabbi Even-Israel Steinsaltz's institutes and publications. True to its name, which means abundance in Hebrew, the main purpose of Shefa is to promote and implement the Rabbi’s vision of "Let My People Know” according to which, Jewish knowledge shall be made accessible to more and more people around the world.

Shefa with its worldwide representatives including the Aleph Society, manages all of the Rabbi’s activities, including: publication of the Rabbi's writings and teachings; establishing educational programs and centers; and the administration and finance ofa network of institutions. Each office coordinates the local publication and distribution of Rabbi Steinsaltz's books and articles, sponsors speaking tours and classes by the Rabbi and is charged with fundraising efforts. Shefa hosts a comprehensive website with dynamic content including videos of lectures, articles, news, and interactive study platforms.


Shefa's headquarters are located in the Steinsaltz Center in Jerusalem, which is the heart and soul of Rabbi Steinsaltz's worldwide activities and initiatives. Inaugurated in 2003, the Center provides a permanent home for the Rabbi's educational and scholarly initiatives, as well as a locale in which laymen and future scholars alike can study the teachings and methodology of the Rabbi.


The Center houses the Rabbi's personal library, a Beit Midrash (study hall), lecture hall and classrooms along with the Rabbi's offices, collected archives, and research institutes. The Center is the focal point and fulcrum for Jewish learning. It is the dynamo that brings into focus all of Rabbi Steinsaltz's extraordinary vision and creativity to "Let My People Know".

SHEFA Current projects include:

• Translating and Publishing the remaining volumes of the Talmud in English and French.

• Improving and digitizing the entire Hebrew Talmud

• A full commentary by the Rabbi on the entire Tanach (Bible)

• New edition of the entire Mishna

• Maimonides "Mishnn Torah" in a new edition

• Web based education and learning material

• Ensuring the growth of Rabbi Steinsaltz's schools and educational programs.

•Forming a higher Education institution for Judaism studies

• Building a web based Archive of the Rabbis work

The Matanel Foundation - Granted to Give

The Matanel Foundation is a philanthropic foundation whose mission is to further justice and equality in the world.


The Matanel Foundation partners munificently with Shefa and Rabbi Steinsaltz to ensure that the extraordinary and prolific work of the Rabbi reaches people all over the world.

In partnership with Rabbi Steinsaltz, Shefa and Matanel your gift will help illuminate the lives of people everywhere - through the phenomenal and monumental new works by Rabbi Steinsaltz.


Thank you